Migrant crisis: Macedonia border closure strands thousands in Greece

23 Φεβ 2016

Thousands of migrants and refugees have been stranded near Athens and on Greece's northern border after Macedonia stopped allowing Afghans in.

   More than 5,000 people were stuck at or near the border and at one point several tried to storm the fence. Four thousand more arrived by sea from the Aegean islands at Piraeus port.
   Macedonia said on Sunday it was following other governments by allowing in only Syrians and Iraqis. Greece protested against the decision. After Syrians, Afghans made up the second largest number of people seeking asylum in the EU in 2015, according to official figures.
   The Macedonian move came three days after Austria imposed a daily limit of 80 asylum claims on its southern border. Although EU officials said the Austrian limit was incompatible with human rights conventions, Balkan states along the migrant route from Greece responded by implementing their own restrictions.
Πηγή: BBC.com
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