Trapped at ‘warehouse of souls’: Crisis of 20,000 refugees stuck in Greece

27 Φεβ 2016

DESPAIR among refugees trapped in Greece has reached new depths with two young migrants trying to hang themselves in a crowded Athens square in broad daylight.

   The wretched men probably believed death was the only way they would ever get out. Twenty thousand refugees are now stranded in Greece after border closures stopped their exodus up through Macedonia and the Balkans towards northern Europe.
   WAR-HAUNTED Basil and Abir Trabulsi gaze forlornly at the razor-wire gateway that leads to prosperous northern Europe. Like 4,000 other refugees in this godforsaken muddy field on Greece’s northern border, the desperate couple is tantalisingly close to a new life in the West.
   Yet the 10ft-high grey steel sliding gate topped with strands of sharp wire that leads to Macedonia and beyond remains slammed shut.
   Salesman Basil, 32, from Syria’s ravaged capital Damascus, revealed: “It was freezing last night and our tent was swimming with water. “I queued for hours for food but when I finally got near the front they ran out of supplies. “We’re desperate to get to Germany. I have no big dream — I just want my family to be safe.”
Πηγή: The Sun

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